Skan Reichian Therapy
​with Lydia Becker​ 
San Francisco Bay Area and Germany​

About Lydia Becker​

​​Lydia Becker has been a Skan Therapist and instructor for 20 years. She studied Skan-Reichian Therapy in Germany, was a founding member of the Skan Academy and has worked and taught in Germany, France and the USA. She lives in Marin and offers individual sessions and groups. Lydia is also a certified German midwife and a CMT.

Lydia grew up in a small town in Southern Germany in a middle class family with two older brothers and a younger sister.

Giving birth to her son in a homebirth setting in Germany supported by a midwife inspired her to become a licensed midwife in 1988. After working in the hospital for a few years she focused on homebirth and birth education. Lydia delivered more than 300 babies in a home birth setting and taught over 1000 couples in her birth education classes. She continues to teach Child Birth to couples in the Bay Area. 

Lydia has a special passion for empowering women to trust and connect with their bodies, and to promote and nurture the bonding process of parents with their newborn.

Having experienced the power of breath and the necessity of dropping the social persona while giving birth, she became interested in studying more about breath and bodywork.

She started her three year training in Skan with Loil Neidhoefer and Petra Mathes in 1993. Following that, she was an Assistant Skan Trainer for three years and worked in private practice. She gained her right to teach Skan in 1999.

She is experienced working with birth and early childhood trauma, sexual victim trauma, child abuse survivors, PTSD, grief, loss and separation issues, depression, anxiety, and other emotional challenges human beings face. She also works with people who wish to understand themselves better and personally evolve.

Lydia moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001 and has been offering sessions and teaching Skan workshops across the Bay Area since then. She currently has an office in Mill Valley, CA.

In 2008 Lydia met filmmaker, poet, artist and founder of Direct Acting, Rob Nilsson. She worked with the cast of the film “Collapse” as a Reichian therapist, and acted in the movie, as well. This experience inspired Lydia to begin offering Skan sessions and groups for actors. She is currently working with Rob on his new film.