Skan Reichian Therapy
​with Lydia Becker​ 
San Francisco Bay Area and Germany​


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"There is an exoteric religiosity in the world that falsely requires people to have no emotions-never to feel guilt, never to feel sorrow, never to be afraid. It is true that through submission to the Divine Being human beings must transcend chronic and reactive fear, anger, guild, sorrow, irony and the rest. But there are moments when any of these responses is completely appropriate, just as the physical body has reactions that contribute to the survival, such as pain. If you could not feel pain when touching something hot, you would not be able to protect yourself.  Just so, you are emotionally equipped with survival mechanisms in the form of responsive emotions.

        Fear is perhaps the appropriate response to the attacking lion, and even then one’s response should not be prolonged and debilitating fear, but sudden and great strength. Fear is not intended to be your chronic state."

        - Adi Da Samraj​​