Skan Reichian Therapy
​with Lydia Becker​ 
San Francisco Bay Area and Germany​


​"​I have been legally blind and hearing impaired all my life as a result of traumatic birth. Add to that a difficult childhood and growing up in inner city, I developed such an armor - both bodily and emotionally - that I was crippled by fear; fear of intimacy, fear of touch, fear of trust, and fear of love. Though I've spent years in therapy of all kinds and gained much awareness, I could not break through the imprints of fear that my body stilled carried. And I felt pretty much resigned that I could not change.

But when I started receiving Skan sessions with Lydia Becker, I realized that I was working with a gifted practitioner and, with Skan bodywork as her vehicle, entering into a remarkable process of healing. For with Lydia's patience, guidance, wisdom, and love, I slowly started to trust the relationship that was developing and, recognizing her intelligence and intuition, I began to feel safe enough to open up to the brilliance of Skan bodywork. Then the adventure truly began. Through private sessions and weekend retreats, over several years, I was able to break through and release long held blockages that I did not know existed. I was able to move and feel in different ways, to be vulnerable to others, to feel anger, guilt, shame, sorrow without being overwhelmed and often be surprised in wonderment at the sympathy I felt to trust, be touched, and loved. This is great work and Lydia's dedication to serving others moves my heart to love and respect. I look forward to continuing Skan and moving into new discoveries. Thank you, Lydia."

- Dan O'Connor, San Rafael, CA


"I have done SKAN work with Lydia Becker for over three years now and have benefitted greatly from the work she does with me using SKAN therapy. I have participated in many of the workshops as well and benefit from that experience in addition to my private sessions.

In the workshops, I have made friends with the participants which has also enriched my life, and to experience Lydia's work and presence in a group setting is also revealing and rewarding to me. At the workshops we experience a flow and exchange of energies that in itself is therapy and helps provide perspective and movement of emotions to aid in the healing process that SKAN produces in oneself. To participate in the SKAN workshop as well as to experience the SKAN therapy sessions is one of the best things a person can do for themselves in moving emotions so that they are no longer a source of pain in one's body, allowing healthier emotional living to oneself and others."

- Sandy


"Lydia Becker ‘s work transformed my life. I was buried in trauma and depression from childhood issues and major life disappointments. I tried various therapists and techniques and anti-depressants, but nothing seemed to help. That is, until I began doing Skan therapy with Lydia.

Within a few weeks my life was transforming and within a year I was a new person. I am ever grateful to feel whole and healthy and happy in my life. I am grateful to Lydia and to her work, and attribute the shift in my reality completely to the work that we did together. Lydia’s nurturing and compassionate presence created an atmosphere of safety that allowed me to go beyond what would have otherwise been my emotional limits.

I re-experienced my birth process through our sessions and released trauma that has (unfortunately) shaped my experience of life. Since this release, I have found my ability to be present with others, to be grounded, and to stay centered regardless of what else is going on to be greatly increased. My relationships with others have improved and I no longer feel that anxiety and trauma are “normal” for me.

Lydia has a unique ability to guide a transformational release process using breath work and body work. My personal experience is that these techniques are significantly more effective than “talk therapy” and provide an actual release (not just a re-hashing) of negative experiences, even if those experiences are no longer in one’s memory.

I have participated in more than 10 of her Skan Weekend Workshops and found them to be extremely valuable. The workshops helped me integrate my emotional transformation into my relationships with others and helped to improve the quality and depth of my day-to-day interactions. Lydia’s ability to hold the space for a group transformational process and lead the group through a deep experience is nothing short of amazing. Her personal life-force, joy and authenticity in relationship is a source of inspiration to me.
I cannot recommend her work highly enough for those who want to experience a real positive shift in their day to day reality, or who feel burdened by trauma or emotional issues."

- L. Wyrick, IT Professional


"I was brought to one of Lydia workshop at the Brain injury center in Mill Valley as an actor in training. What happened this day stays something very strong, moving and positive in my memory. Even if I was open to that kind of practice since I practiced breathing therapy in France with a therapeute as well as energetic massage, I have to say that I wasn’t expecting such a wave through my entire body. After half hour of exercises, it felt like something opened in me, a flow of energy I wasn’t expecting to be so powerful invaded me and I made an incredible journey into my life as if I was experiencing a rebirth. This experience has been so moving that I’m not sure I would have been ready to do it again right away. I needed some time to think and rely to what had happened. But I feel I’m ready to pursue the journey. The trust and the humanity I felt in that group were astonishing. Lydia is a true human being with the gift of a powerful empathy. In her hands you know that you can let it go and live what you have to live."

- S Vandersteen, French published writer and actress


“Lydia’s Skan work has helped me to incarnate (be the body) as a man. The sessions are always different, always addressing my present state and growing me there. I experienced a dramatic shift in my ability to be bodily present in my relationships, especially with my intimate partner. Lydia breathes, moves and dances you through past trauma and present limitation. You discover the body’s native ability to purify obsolete patterns of body, mind and emotion.”

- Mel McMurrin, Performer and Instructor


"Lydia Becker is a soulful and skilled professional. In breathwork sessions she is innately supportive and compassionate. Her guidance through deep process is intuitive and masterful. Lydia creates a safe container and facilitates meaningful and sustainable shifts in powerful and subtle ways."

- Laura Lopez, Integrative Wellness Coach

“In her workshop, Lydia enabled me to grow professionally and personally. She literally goes to the heart of the problem--unresolved subconscious emotions which drive our dysfunctional patterns in life and health. A true healer and talented instructor, she guides the process of uncovering and outgrowing these patterns with skill and compassion. This training is a must for anyone interested in authentic healing.”

- Jeff Suckow, MPT, Physical Therapist


“What Lydia does is like nothing I’ve experienced before. She has been wakening people up to openness in feeling for quite some time with amazing skillfulness.”

- Brady Bevis, former Marin County Supervisor


“The experience of yesterday [at Lydia’s actor’s workshop] shows the highs and lows, the blacks and whites, the multiple hues and colors, the joys and sorrows, the intensity of human passion and engagement necessary for the complete human experience.
Wherever we are, we can go further with it. In a circle of risk and protection we honor every effort to become expressive, empathetic and real. Who knows what is coming next? All I know is that I want to be there to experience it.

Lydia, the session you led should be the foundation for every actor's training. So liberating for them to know the depths they're capable of reaching. You are a true force for human freedom. I am honored to be working with you. Plus, it's a hell of a lot of fun!”

- Rob Nilsson, Film Director

Lydia Becker is amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve themselves and grow. She works with all different aspects of yourself. As an actor, I have had the privilege to be guided by her and experience her work in a group setting to prepare for a scene as well as in my own personal work. She helps you work through blocks that may prevent you from achieving the results you desire. She has a multitude of experience and tailors her approach to whatever works for you. It’s hard to describe, but, her technique works.

- Anita Argent, Actress​