Skan Reichian Therapy
​with Lydia Becker​ 
San Francisco Bay Area and Germany​

Skan Workshops

                           "If my heart could do my thinking
​                            And my head began to feel,
​                            I could look upon the world anew
​                            And know what’s truly real."

                             - ​ Van Morrison
Skan workshops are an effective and complimentary ​expansion of individual sessions. Certain deep processes require one-on-one attention, which is provided in individual sessions. However, we grow up and live our lives in the context of groups. We usually are raised in a family with siblings and/or extended family. We often form a new nuclear family as an adult. We participate in group activities such as school, religious meetings, relationships with friends, work environments, etc.

Certain patterns and wounds that form in the context of a group environment do not show up in individual sessions. These are challenging to heal outside of a group setting. The context of a group setting is conducive to discovering and healing such emotional patterns. Many people find that discoveries made during individual sessions
can be explored and deepened further when in a therapeutic group situation with others. Skan groups offer an invaluable field of experience and exploration, and assist an individual with translating new discoveries and behavior patterns into “real life”.

In Skan workshops the same principals of the Reichian work that are utilized in individual sessions are used, but are translated into the “body” of a group. We use dance and movement, partnered breathing sessions, group breathing sessions, individual sessions in a group setting, streaming theater, and a multitude of creative expressions and exercises.

​​Healing through interacting with others in a structured, supportive, and dynamic environment provides an amazing creative and expressive experience as we come together to play and to meet each other where we are. Being with one another in emotional depth and honesty brings about transformative experiences.

Skan workshops are offered on weekends or as a series of evening classes. Trust in each other requires time, and as we meet together and build trust, we naturally enter more deeply into our own process and can go more deeply together as a group.